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Between the Covers Book Club

  book club1.jpgBook Lovers Unite!

  Hey You, Yes YOU!

    Looking for a fresh start in 2021?         Do you love books?

    Do you want to get out and discuss your love of those books?

         Well, Mary J. Barnett Library has you covered!

We are looking for like-minded adults to join us this year as we launch a new book club. Of course, coming out of 2020 there are certain restrictions: we will be able to meet in person, at least until we get ten awesome people; then we would have to go to Zoom meetings. But not to worry, we would walk you through every step of the way.


What we are asking you to do is to go to our website at and register, or give us a call at (641) 747-8110, just to show your interest.  Please provide your name, a phone number, and an email address so we can contact you.


To begin our book club, we are going about it nice and easy, with quarterly meetings held February 9th, May 11th, August 10th, and November 9th, from 3-4 pm at the Mary J. Barnett Library. The first meeting in February would not be to discuss any particular book---it would be to say hello to all our members, get information out about our first book, and layout the hopes and dreams for our first year! Expect treats!


We understand for you 9-5ers with kids and work and Covid-craziness, an in-person or even a more structured meeting may not be feasible.  Good news, we’ve thought of that and how about a Facebook group? A book would be chosen for the same period as the in-person meetings. You could read at your own pace and comment whenever you please. Open discussions on characters, the storyline, the ending, and anything else you can think of book-related would be welcome!

We sure hope you can join us for a brand New Year and a brand new book club!

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